Women's Ministry

RDBC Women's Ministry is designed to create fellowship, accountability, and challenge the women of our church and community in their walk with Christ. This ministry meets different times throughout the year for Bible and book studies. 

Children's Church

RDBC has a desire to see spiritual growth occur through all age frames. In an effort to ensure that not only the adults benefit from the morning sermon, we have a ministry designed specifically for the children. Immediately following the song portion of our corporate worship, the children gather in our rec center. There they are taught the same passage covered by their parents that has been formatted to an age appropriate level.  

RDBC Youth

RDBC'S student ministry is the perfect place for teens to mature in their walk with Christ. RDBC'S youth group meets each Wednesday evening at 5:30pm, visiting relevant topics that young men and women face from a Biblical perspective. The RDBC youth group generates a welcoming atmosphere where teens are free from judgment and encouraged with grace and love in an effort to help them navigate their everyday life through faith.  

Adult Bible Study

There is no denying that life is difficult at times. The day to day responsibilities of life can be overwhelming. We know that time spent at church is the perfect place to recharge and be equipped for the journey. But we realize Sundays are not quite enough to stabilize the life of the child of God. Therefore, we offer that mid-week pick me up on Wednesday mornings. Come join us for Bible Study and prayer each Wednesday at 8:30am.